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Intellica are excited to announce their rebranding!

Our day-to-day work in data management, business change and consultancy services is unchanged, and existing clients can expect the same great level of service and support as they have always enjoyed from Intellica.

Our new image has been chosen to bring more focus to our core values of accuracy, ingenuity and simplicity, and to give us a platform from which to grow our brand as an independent provider of data related services to the pensions and financial services industries.

Intellica’s Executive Director, Anthony Pardoe, said: “We felt that this was a good time to rebrand, considering the regulatory and legislative challenges the pensions industry will face in the coming months and years.

“The new image is designed to show that we offer a different perspective to our peers in the industry – a modern, ingenious and forward-thinking take on pensions.”

The centrepiece of this exercise is our new website, as created by Fogarty+Patchett Design, and we’d like to thank Patrick and the team at their end for their invaluable contribution to our new identity, and our own Presence Team for all their hard work over the last month.

Intellica: we consult, we improve – together, we succeed.

Eager to make a start on your data quality journey? Intellica can help you get started – Contact Us, or find out more about our Services.

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