Intellica can help you manage the complicated problem of data migration. Whether it’s a switch between old and new databases or taking on data from other organisations, we can provide tools and expertise to make every step of the process run smoothly. From preparation and testing to physical transfer and beyond to quality assurance, whilst ensuring you maintain continuity of service.

Full Scheme Migration

Are you moving your whole member base between systems? With our dedicated software tools and advanced mapping technique, we can take the strain out of the process and lift and shift your data between existing databases or to an entirely new architecture.

New Scheme Take-On

Taking on data from external sources is a labour-intensive process that we can support by checking the incoming data for flaws and issues and translating it from its original format to the format you need for seamless administration of the scheme.

Pension Payroll Migration

Payroll migration is always a delicate operation with significant risk of damage to your company’s reputation if the worst happens. We have experience in running this kind of migration, moving the data swiftly and assuring continuity of payments while this process takes place.

Legacy Data Consolidation

Accessing key data locked away on old systems, in shared files or even on paper can be a significant drain on resources, as well as providing a security headache. Consolidating all your data on a single platform will reap significant benefits in time and we can make that happen for you with a bespoke transfer tool, giving you a one-stop shop for all of your relevant data.

Pension Migration Accelerator

Our powerful solutions will give you the assurance you need at point of migration, whether it’s a straightforward lift and shift or a more complicated move to or from an unfamiliar system.

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