How we can help with your data migration

Our Auriga data migration application enables an efficient and auditable end-to-end data migration service.

Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) to and from multiple data sources (direct DB, text files, Excel, API etc.)

Full data mapping capability from source system(s) to target system(s)

Data can be transformed between administration platforms

Activity and progress tracking via cloud-based dashboards

Full audit trail throughout the migration lifecycle

Rapid set-up and configuration

Migration specific data audit/data cleansing capabilities

In-process bulk data resolution using scheme rules and agreed assumptions

Interactive dashboards for progress tracking and final migration control totals and results

Outcome focused

Our aim is to align with your data strategy and provide technology-driven and responsive solutions to meet your data audit needs. Pyxis includes data validations and dashboards.

Pensions Dashboards

Implementation of legislative changes such as McCloud and GMP Equalisation

Administration process accuracy improvements

Increased levels of process automation, particularly to help combat the current industry resource issues

De-risking activities

Pension Migration Accelerator

Our powerful solutions will give you the assurance you need at point of migration, whether it’s a straightforward lift and shift or a more complicated move to or from an unfamiliar system.

Get in touch to see how we can help you get your pension data sorted.