Constellation is our proprietary data software suite and provides a full end to end solution for all your data requirements. It provides efficient and cost-effective data project functionality with specific dashboards aligned to your data strategy – which can include de-risking, automation, GMPe and McCloud.

It is a modular platform which features powerful applications designed specifically for pension schemes and funds to accurately identify and manage data quality.


Data audit application enabling seamless, repeatable data audit and data quality reporting services

  • In-depth analysis of your data quality featuring a core set of over 500 data validations, with rapid development for any new validations
  • Fully compliant with the Pensions Regulator’s annual reporting requirements and more.
  • Dynamic, cloud-based dashboards allow you to visualise and analyse your data quality picture, target specific populations and demographics.
  • Track your data quality over time and through specific projects.

Pensions Dashboard ISP enabling simple and safe connection to the Pensions Dashboard

  • Connect, set and forget – simple implementation and on-going running for any pension admin platform, scalable to your needs
  • Powered by Civica and securely hosted within Microsoft Azure
  • Reliable ISP technology which will be supplied to a minimum of 3.7 million pension scheme members
  • Data stays safe on your system, with our connection database on your own network
  • Connect multiple administration platforms to a single ISP connection database.
  • Configurable data matching, fully compliant with PASA’s guidance, with built-in data readiness dashboard
  • A system agnostic and portable solution to dashboard connection

GMP equalisation application enabling pre-calculation data readiness assessment, bulk calculations, and project tracking capabilities.

  • Constellation’s solution for GMP equalisation and other recalculation events
  • A calculation engine taking the pain out of bulk calculations enabling you to run and compare alternative calculation methods for easy decision making.
  • Use in conjunction with Pyxis to validate the data and identify gaps and errors
  • Dashboards will show you your “data readiness” and inform cleansing plans

Constellation’s case by case work management application enabling you to manage your project end to end, fully compatible with other Constellation applications

  • An easy user interface to manage work, assign work to case handlers and review and rate completed tasks
  • Full end to end audit trail with an in-depth record all transactions
  • Update work in bulk, refer to supervisors and categorise findings
  • Dashboards enable at-a-glance progress updates

Data migration application facilitating full scheme migration, scheme onboarding and legacy data consolidation

  • Ability to transfer data from any source to any destination
  • Software to simplify the migration and increase the efficiency of data mapping
  • Works with all administration platforms
  • Combine with Pyxis to understand the true quality of the data being migrated and undertake data resolution as required, pre-migration

De-risking and buy-in/out management Repeatable pricing/transaction data validation checks, data transformation for insurers and true-up comparisons.

We called data out as the critical issue for pension schemes back in July 2019. I am delighted that this partnership allows Capita’s high-quality consulting and administrationexperience to join with Intellica’s pensions data technology expertise, for the benefit of our clients.

Managing Director, Capita Pensions Solutions

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