Why do you need your pension data sorted?

Inaccurate Data Issues
  • Uncertainty over payments
  • Scheme members are not being serviced
  • Poor implementation of digital initiatives
  • Substandard reporting
  • Failure to meet regulations
Financial Risks
  • Cost of manual processing
  • Incorrect scheme valuation
  • Potential penalties from the Regulator
  • Incorrect HMRC reporting
  • A greater risk of employee fraud

Your needs, our services

How can you help us with our data challenges?


Intellica’s proprietary software platform. Constellation, is a fully integrated suite of data services applications with a dynamic reporting engine, that can help you understand and resolve your data challenges.

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How accurate is our pension scheme data?

Data Audit

We can provide you with a view of your data’s suitability for purpose that will give assurance around its quality, especially from regulatory and legal perspectives and highlight any possible areas for improvement.

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How do we fix our data issues?

Data Resolution

We can guide you through your resolution process, from effective planning to data adjustment and through to benefit realisation and prevention of future issues.

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Can you migrate our data onto a new system?

Data Migration

We can provide tools and expertise to make every step of the process run smoothly. From preparation and testing to physical transfer and beyond to quality assurance, whilst ensuring you maintain continuity of service.

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