Pension Data Quality Assessment

We can assess the overall quality and accuracy of your data by checking for any data that breaches your scheme rules or compromises your system integrity. We can also assess the data that does not comply with the advice of regulatory bodies such as the Pensions Regulator or casts doubt on the integrity of calculation results, its legality or suitability for purpose.

Full Scheme Audit

If you require a detailed overview of your data quality, we can provide deep insight with a full audit tailored to your pension scheme’s specific rules. Our clients include some of the UK’s largest occupational pension schemes who manage millions of scheme members. Constellation, Intellica’s proprietary software platform, gives you the insight needed to tackle regulatory and legal changes, including the launch of new pension schemes and migrations between database platforms.

Targeted Audit

Want to narrow the focus? Regulatory and legal changes can throw extra scrutiny on certain types of members, as seen with GMP reconciliation and equalisation. We can zero in on your preferred targets across certain demographics such as age ranges, member statuses, scheme rules and date arrays, allowing you to effectively deploy your data strategy for de-risking, automation, McCloud and other data events.

Multi System Audit

If your business operates across more than one system, for example administration and payroll, we can accommodate your data quality needs and provide a cross-system picture of your total data landscape. If you’ve decided to consolidate your data on a single system, this is a recommended first step on that complex journey.

System Integrity Audit

We can also test your system integrity with several internal referential checks to make sure that key data makes sense when taken in the context of the member’s whole record. This holistic approach will allow us to highlight any areas of potential concern, providing extra assurance, ease of administration and data security.

Forensic Analysis

We can interrogate and analyse your data at the root level and summarise your position with bespoke reports, from high-level visual representations to granular “deep dive” data views. This will give you the best possible basis for future decisions on your data, as well as clarity on what needs to be done and how best to go about it, from bulk resolutions to manual intervention.

Trend Analysis

We can help you identify positive and negative trends in your data that can help you pinpoint, understand and combat the root causes of data inaccuracy and corruption and plan improvements accordingly

Targeted Failure Reviews

Our unparalleled suite of data validation checks will uncover the data issues that put your processes at the most risk. All will be based on the outcome of leaving them unresolved, the severity of the administration failures they might lead to and the volume of failures on your systems. This will give you the insight you need to realise the greatest improvement in the shortest possible time.

Sample Testing

A low level examination of your data can give you greatest insight into the challenge of maintaining data quality. For maximum assurance, we offer sample identification and testing informed by our targeted failure review to allow for detailed first-hand reporting of any issues, their causes and any potential solutions.

Pension Quality Assessment Tools

The Pyxis module of Constellation, Intellica’s proprietary software platform , has been developed over years of data audit and resolution activities, and can illustrate the scale of your challenge and bring your data scores to life with its suite of dynamic dashboards.

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