How we can help with your data audit

Our award-winning Pyxis data audit application features:

A comprehensive suite of core data validations with the ability to add bespoke scheme validation checks

Selectable data validation checks focused on requirements and project specifics, taking into consideration complex scheme rules

Seamlessly integrated and repeatable data audit solutions

A suite of cloud-based dynamic dashboards, allowing different lenses to be applied to data audit results

An adaptable and efficient approach to future projects

Tracking dashboards to identify trends through project lifecycles and tracking progress over the longer-term

Outcome focused

Our aim is to align with your data strategy and provide technology-driven and responsive solutions to meet your data audit needs. Pyxis incudes data validations and dashboards focused on:

Pensions Dashboards

Implementation of legislative changes such as McCloud and GMP Equalisation

Administration process accuracy improvements

Increased levels of process automation, particularly to help combat the current industry resource issues

De-risking activities

Quality Assessment Tools

Our data integrity toolkit, developed over years of data cleanse activities, can illustrate the scale of your challenge and bring your data scores to life with its suite of reporting outputs.

Capita have recognised the need to provide a solution that supports the concept of a data strategy and has partnered with Intellica to provide a ‘best in class’ approach to this, combining the strength of Capita’s consulting and administration capabilities with Intellica’s proven data intelligence approach.

Client Partner, Capita

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