Why choose Intellica?

From our many years of data validation, forensic data analysis and data remediation experience we have developed Constellation, the UK’s leading and most innovative pensions data analysis suite. Our strategic/systematic software driven approach to identifying and addressing data issues means our clients benefit from this knowledge and expertise, and we are not reinventing the wheel on every engagement.

Constellation resides alongside your administration system, ensuring data doesn’t leave your secure environment, and presents intuitive cloud-based dashboard formats that can be interrogated to individual member levels of detail.

Our consultants will work with you at every step to ensure you can focus on the detail critical to your scheme’s specific circumstances. This, together with the ability to run the analysis as frequently as needed, provides ongoing deep insight into the evolving quality of your scheme data and the effectiveness of the remediation processes and project deliverables.

Our Core Values:


The very core of what all stakeholders are seeking to do, is ensure members’ data is as accurate and accessible as possible. Our meticulous interrogation of data is enabled by our proprietary technology, Constellation. The core data validation suite is continually evolving and updated to capture knowledge gained from each individual project undertaken.


Ours is a creative path.  We have eschewed the typical ‘repeat the ordinary’ approach and chosen instead to continually embed our experience and learning to benefit our clients.  The result of this constantly evolving, organic approach is Constellation, the UK’s leading and most innovative pensions data analysis software suite.


We understand data analysis is inherently complex but see our purpose as the agent to deliver the means for improvement in the most straightforward way.  We address the complexity so our clients can be presented with an intuitive summary analysis that enables accurate and timely decisions to be taken.

Meet our team

Our team comprises specialists from the pensions and financial services industry with notable experience across both private and public sector clients. We have developed long lasting relationships with our clients which has enabled us to offer the solutions they require.

Brendan Doherty
Chief Executive Officer

Brendan is the CEO of Intellica and a qualified Actuary with over 20 years’ experience in life and pensions. Brendan’s passion is bringing technology led solutions to confront underlying industry issues.


Paul Bingham

Paul has had a successful career spanning over 30 years in the Pensions and Financial Services Industry. Paul was previously CEO at Equiniti Paymaster for 10 years and a Non-Executive Director at MyCSP, most recently he has spent the last 4 years as Director of FTX Consultants. Experienced at translating strategy into practical and achievable objectives, Paul has a proven record of building winning teams and driving successful outcomes in organisations of varying sizes.


Grant Stanley 

Grant has spent over 30 years in the pensions and wider financial services markets holding senior positions in data businesses and third-party pension administration.  Grant was previously one of the founders of ITM helping to grow the business from a start-up to when it was sold to private equity in 2018. While with ITM Grant at some stage ran every division within the business and has a significant amount of knowhow and knowledge on practical, quality day-to-day delivery and on strategic direction.


John Campbell

John Campbell
Non-Executive Director

John’s career spans 30 years as CFO of pensions and I.T businesses, focusing on business growth and strong financial management.  John was previously at Equiniti Paymaster and Connect Managed Services and has a proven record of helping businesses achieve their objectives.

Chris Devlin
Head of Sales

Chris has an excellent pedigree in sales and client retention, and is a skilled manager of client relationships with a comprehensive understanding of pensions administration business.  He comes to Intellica with 20 years of experience within the pensions industry, having previously worked with Aon Consulting, JLT Group, Equiniti and Capita.

Climate Mupfiga
Head of Technical

Climate has gained an in-depth understanding of pension data and processes in over 20 years working in the industry. This experience and a strong belief in the transformative power of technology helps him to uphold Intellica’s core values of precision, ingenuity and integrity. He is a Fellow of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries.

Matt Beasley
Head of Product

Matt has delivered large scale deployments for the NHS Business Service Authority, Department of Work and Pensions, MyCSP Ltd and Local Government Pension funds. He has over 20 years’ experience in software development in the Finance and Pensions sectors, and particular expertise in bulk processing, data cleanse and data/system migration.

Michelle Bonner

Michelle Bonner
Project Manager

Michelle is a highly experienced Project Manager, having over 15 years’ experience within the Pensions and Financial Services Industry delivering Business Change and IT Transformation projects.  Her wealth of knowledge combined with excellent communication skills ensures effective stakeholder management to positively influence the desired outcome from interactions with all project team members and key senior stakeholders.

Tom Blears
Business Analyst

Tom uses his knowledge of data systems and flair for business analysis to work with clients to solve problems and deliver cost effective solutions. He has a wealth of experience within financial services, having worked as a technical business analyst for several multinational financial organisations before joining Intellica.

Danielle Brown
Technical Lead

Danielle has 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, with the last 6 years in the pension sector.  She has successfully managed teams and delivered projects from set-up through to completion and BAU, including scheme events, GMP reconciliation and data audits – helped by previous experience of process management and change.

Garreth Hirons
Technical Lead

Garreth is hugely experienced in the management and delivery of pensions projects, including large-scale data cleansing and reconciliation exercises. They joined Intellica after seven years at MyCSP Ltd, where they were Deputy Head of Data Integrity, and five years in the UK Civil Service, where they introduced Lean management techniques.

Amy Currie
Marketing Executive

Amy uses insights from data analysis to improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention through superior service, ultimately driving sales growth through product quality, identification and delivery of added value and social media engagement. Amy also heads up Intellica’s Graduate Programme.

Matt Evetts
Business Analyst

Matt assists with the construction of data visualisation intended for clients. He is regularly called upon for projects involving calculations and testing due to his strong mathematical background. He has over 5 years’ experience of work in the financial services industry following previous roles at M&S Bank.

Steven Rigby
Program Developer

Steven has a wealth of experience within the Pensions industry. He joins us from MyCSP Ltd, where he spent seven years playing a key role in a number of Member Data Cleanses. Initially, he commenced his career as a Pensions Data Analyst, before becoming the Deputy and then Lead Developer of Data Cleanse Applications and Software of MyCSP’s Data Integrity department.

Jenny Clements
Project Manager

Jenny has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, the last 15 of which has been within pensions. She has experience of large system migration programmes, site closure and knowledge transfer projects and has successfully delivered GMP reconciliation and rectification for MyCSP.

Robbie Donnelly
Data Analyst

Robbie has nigh on 10 years’ experience of working within the financial and pensions industry. Having played a key role in various data cleanse projects whilst at MyCSP Ltd, and getting the systems ready for the Alpha pension scheme, he moved on to apply his skills at a Big 4 banking firm specialising in insurance, before returning to work at Intellica on the GMP projects, where he is now one of our data analysts.

Sam Cassidy
Test Manager

Sam has over 10 years’ experience within financial services across Retail Banking and the Pensions industry working on migration projects and within project administration. Data analysis and testing is a passion of Sam’s.  Ensuring that clients have a fully functional solution to their data issues are a priority for Sam.

Rebecca Brooks
Senior Pensions Data Analyst

Rebecca has worked for over 20 years in the Pensions Industry and has detailed knowledge of Private Sector DB and DC Schemes. She’s also worked on data migration, calculation automation and procedures from initial Client discussions through specification, testing and release. This brings a broad spectrum of experience to the Intellica team.

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