Our Pensions Dashboards Connectivity

Our Pensions Dashboards ISP product, Pyxis Connect, enables simple and safe connection to the Pensions.

Dashboards, with a built-in data readiness dashboard and configurable data matching.

Connect, set and forget

A simple, safe solution to Pensions Dashboards connection

Powered by Civica – a software company with 30 years of expertise, supporting services whose technology is used by 3.5m people

Hosted within Microsoft Azure – proven, secure, and scalable technology

Reliable ISP technology which will be supplied to a minimum of 3.5m pension scheme members

Fully compliant with all PDP requirements

Connect multiple administration platforms to a single ISP connection database

Pyxis Connect features

Configurable data matching, fully compliant with PASA’s guidance

Repeatable data audit capability and dynamic data quality dashboards

Data is securely held on Azure for maximum security and assurance

Detailed usage MI at the touch of a button

Portable solution as system agnostic

Flexible solution – can be fully hosted or installed on your existing infrastructure

Pyxis Connect provides the safest and simplest way to connect to the Pensions Dashboards, with a suite of MI products to give you an early and continuous view of your data quality and potential administration impacts.

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