How we can help with data resolution

Combining our Pyxis and Gemini applications provides a full end-to-end management solution for data resolution activity. It applies data mappings and assumptions, and can combine multiple data sources to resolve data issues automatically in bulk as well as individually.

Case Management
A comprehensive suite of core data validations with the ability to add bespoke scheme validation checks

Full audit trail
Full audit trail of data resolution activity

Apply data assumptions individually and in bulk

Administration platform outputs
Configurable outputs to update administration platforms

Dynamic dashboards to audit and track data through resolution activity

Forensic data analysis
Use audit results to determine the root-cause of data problems and identify bulk cleanse opportunities

Outcome focused

Our solutions are designed to take a holistic view of scheme data and the project specific needs for data resolution, This approach ensures that a scheme’s data strategy is viewed in its entirety and an effective and efficient approach to data resolution is taken across the breadth of scheme projects and activities.

Pensions Dashboards
Resolving matching and ERI required data issues

Identifying and resolving current and historic data issues for GMPe calculations

Identifying and resolving data issues for de-risking exercises such as longevity swaps, PIE and trivial commutation through to buy-in and buyout transactions

Administration platform transition
Constellation provides the tools to enable a flexible and fully auditable data migration

Customised Automated & Manual Diagnostic Technology

Our experience with pensions data makes us the ideal choice for your diagnostic and cleansing needs. With our tools and expertise, you can achieve more efficient and cost-effective administration.

We called data out as the critical issue for pension schemes back in July 2019. I am delighted that this partnership allows Capita’s high-quality consulting and administrationexperience to join with Intellica’s pensions data technology expertise, for the benefit of our clients.

Managing Director, Capita Pensions Solutions

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