Intellica is a superior provider of data resolution services, offering a wide range of innovative data cleansing and integrity techniques, processes and technology, developed during the numerous data resolution exercises undertaken on behalf of our clients. We can guide you through your resolution process, from effective planning to data adjustment and through to benefit realisation and prevention of future issues.

Strategic Approach and Prioritisation

We can plan a logical and efficient approach to your data resolution project, prioritising key data items and giving you a comprehensive roadmap to achieving the quality of data you want in the timeframe you need.

Application of Bulk Resultions

Intellica’s team of experienced data analysts and innovative approach will identify patterns and qualities in your data that suggest a targeted fix can be applied to a great many records at once, significantly lowering the need for manual intervention.

Targeted Investigations and Resolutions

Constellation’s suite of dynamic dashboards will help you target the fixes most relevant to your data strategy, with the intelligence you need to efficiently tackle TPR reporting requirements, de-risking, automation, GMPe, McCloud and other data events.  We will liaise with your data providers to get a holistic picture of your data’s lifecycle, helping you to pinpoint the root causes of inaccurate data,

Future Prevention and Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure – we can help you to create controls, checks and education material for both you and your data providers to prevent inaccurate data in the future. Running our Pyxis data audit module on a regular basis will facilitate data maintenance by alerting you to any issues that occur in the future.

Customised Automated & Manual Diagnostic Technology

Our experience with pensions data makes us the ideal choice for your diagnostic and cleansing needs. With our tools and expertise, you can achieve more efficient and cost-effective administration.

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