The power of Gemini

An end to end solution for re-calculation events

A calculation engine taking the pain out of bulk calculations enabling you to run and compare alternative calculation methods for easy decision making

Use in conjunction with Pyxis to validate the data and identify gaps and errors

Full end to end audit trail with an in-depth record all transactions

An easy user interface to manage work, assign work to case handlers and review and rate completed tasks

Dashboards will show you your “data readiness” and inform cleansing plans

Update work in bulk, refer to supervisors and categorise findings

Dashboards enable at-a-glance progress updates

Gemini wins Innovation in Systems and Technology at Pinnacle Awards 2023.

Intellica’s Gemini application was commended for “helping the industry solve complex issues and demonstrate favourable outcomes for its users.”

An end-to-end pension data management solution

Gemini provides a full end to end solution for recalculation events including bulk recalculation, case management and a full audit trail of decisions and assumptions.

Fully integrated with our Pyxis application projects are efficiently and accurately managed at every stage from data audit, cleanse, calculation, reporting audit trail and completion.

Case Management

  • Integrated case management – Bulk and individual
  • Track and report on case progress
  • Manage cases between users, re-assignment, authorization and review


  • Run bulk and individual calculations
  • Compare results
  • Administration system updates
  • Audit data decisions and assumptions

An end to end solution

Fully manage re-calculation events;

  • McCloud
  • GMPe
  • Redress exercises
  • Benefit Audit

Reporting re-imagined

  • Cloud-based dashboards that can be interrogated
    to pinpoint specific data issues and validations.
  • Track the progress of data cleanse activities over period of time.
  • Case management.
  • Dashboards tailored specifically to projects.
  • Intuitive and dynamic.

Intellica’s deep data expertise and insight into the operation resulted in the identification of the root causes of our data problems. Intellica designed and delivered an innovative software solution to manage and control these issues.

Chief Operation Officer, MyCSP

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