Intellica’s OrionAI due to launch at the Pension Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) conference…

While there’s been a lot of noise about AI, we’ve been investing in extensive research and development, collaborating with our clients, and exploring how to use AI effectively to plan and launch our latest product – OrionAI.

We’ve all heard the buzz around AI. You may even be using ChatGPT to help with your children’s homework. However, despite all the noise, there hasn’t been anything of significance that’s specifically targeted at the Pensions industry. Until now that is…

We’ve been busy building OrionAI. Designed to revolutionise how we onboard data and pension scheme information, OrionAI is ready to break the mould.

This is just the beginning…

In the background, we’ve been prototyping and demonstrating OrionAI with several of our partners over the past few months and gained positive feedback and insights. Until now, there hasn’t been anything of substance released to address the complexities of legacy scheme data and present clear solutions. With our deep pensions data expertise, we understand the issues and, by combining our Actuarial, Pensions Technical and AI development skills, we are solving the key issues.

The opportunities are limitless in how we can apply this automation intelligence across our Constellation suite, from calculations, to data resolution, to data migrations.

This isn’t just another AI fanfare.

OrionAI is set to officially launch at the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) conference in October.

Understandably, you may be dubious about more AI hype, but this is the real deal. You can see for yourself by visiting us at PLSA in October.  Or why not book a slot ahead of the conference? This isn’t just noise. We’re very excited and think you will be too.

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