Intellica partners with Capita to tackle GMP Equalisation

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Intellica is proud to announce its appointment as Capita’s GMPe Data Partner.

This is a mutually beneficial partnership which delivers value to trustees, scheme sponsors and members.

The partnership will enable Capita to use Intellica’s proprietary software and skillsets to help Capita’s many clients address the challenges of GMPe and data related issues.

As data accuracy remains one of the biggest issues facing those managing pension schemes, trustees need to act now in order to help solve ongoing data problems. Exercises such as GMP Equalisation, which are reliant on good data, will remain a primary focus for the future and it is vital that pension schemes obtain accurate data.

Intellica’s business model is to work with business partners – typically large pension administration software providers, TPAs and actuarial firms – and jointly address the data issues of their clients.

Intellica values partnering with Capita’s exceptional pension consulting and administration business and look forward to bringing the benefits of our data software suite to Capita’s clients

Brendan Doherty, CEO of Intellica said: “We are extremely proud and excited to be selected as Capita’s data technology partner for GMPe.

As a leading data technology provider, we value partnering with Capita’s exceptional pension consulting and administration business.

Our combined expertise will provide clients and their advisors with a powerful technology driven data solution, providing a unique in-depth analysis, enabling informed decisions which will support clients’ data strategies now and in the future.”

Stuart Heatley, Managing Director of Capita Pensions said: “We called data out as the critical issue for pension schemes back in July.

I am delighted that this partnership allows Capita’s high-quality consulting and administration experience to join with Intellica’s pensions data technology expertise, for the benefit of our clients.

Moving forward, strategic partnerships like this will become an even more critical part of our product strategy, as we deliver market leading solutions to meet our clients’ needs.”

Intellica’s proprietary software, Constellation, is a modular software platform offering a one-stop data solution. To find out more about Constellation, click here,

About Intellica

Intellica, formed in 2014, is a technology-led pension data specialist that has a partnership business model, working with pension schemes across both the public and private sectors.

Intellica has developed Constellation, an unrivalled pensions data software suite which provides unique capabilities, blending advanced software with deep analytics and insights.

About Capita

Capita is quoted on the London Stock Exchange (CPI.L).

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