Get to know Intellica’s “Employee of the year” Danielle Brown…

Q – When did you join Intellica?

A – I worked with Intellica as a contractor on various projects, on and off, from July 2014. In Jan 2021, I became a permanent employee.

Q – What is your role within the team?

A – Technical Lead.

Q – Who has influenced you the most when it comes to how you approach your work?

A – Having worked in the Financial Services Industry since leaving university, I have worked for numerous companies, on many different projects and in various roles. In that time I have met a lot of influential individuals that have taught me, and continue to teach me, a lot. However, my parents always brought me up to believe that you get what you work for, not what you wish for and that has probably been the most influential advice that I’ve received in both work and life itself.

Q – What is your favourite thing about working for Intellica?

A – The people. Every person at Intellica is friendly, helpful, ambitious and has a good work ethos. We work brilliantly together as a team as we all share the same drive to succeed. I honestly couldn’t wish for better work colleagues (or I should say work family)! 😊

Except if anyone I have worked with previously is reading this… then you’re my favourite too! Haha! 😊

Q – What is your employment history prior to working for Intellica?

A – I’ve worked in Financial Services since 2000 on various projects including: Historic Business Reviews, Mortgage Endowment Reviews, Investment Complaints, Banking Complaints, PPI Reviews, Process & Change, Ombudsman Services, Insurance Claims, and Pensions, to name a few.

Q – What is a work-related accomplishment you are proud of?

A – It’s hard to give just one for this… so the two most recent work-related accomplishments are obviously:

1) Winning Intellica’s Employee of the Year! 😊

2) Being part of the Intellica team that won the 2022 Pensions Age Award for Innovation (Technology). I’m very proud of us!

Q – What is your favourite all time book that you would recommend others to read?

A – I don’t have an all-time favourite to be honest. I’ve never read a book twice. I’d rather move on to something else once I’ve finished. I do like books by Bill Bryson for humorous travel writing; and I like Dan Brown and James Patterson books too.

Q – Name a must-see film that others must watch?

A – My favourite film is The Green Mile, so I’ll say that.

Q – Do you have a favourite band/musician?

A – I have many favourites… Foo Fighters (RIP Taylor Hawkins), Oasis/Gallagher Brothers, Arctic Monkeys, Biffy Clyro, Stereophonics… but I like all sorts of music.

Q – What do you like to do in your spare time?

A – I love travelling, going to gigs, festivals, comedy nights, sporting events, cinema etc. I also enjoy running, fitness classes and yoga. For some reason I also have a penchant for DIY – who knows why?!

Q – Do you have any hidden skills or talents?

A – Not really no… unless being able to roll my belly and turn my tongue upside down count? 😉 I did use to play a trumpet when I was younger (haven’t done it for a long time though).

Q – Who would be your dream dinner party guests?

A – Aside from friends and family, I’d choose people that seem down to earth and would be entertaining, so I would probably invite…

Kelly Jones (for his lovely singing voice),
David Attenborough (for his animal stories),
Rob Brydon (for entertainment),
David Beckham (for obvious reasons),
Holly Willoughby (for my partner) and
Tom Hanks (just because!)

Q – What advice would you give to your teenage self?

A – I would probably tell myself to live away at university so that you can enjoy the full experience. When I went to uni, I lived at home, travelling in each day and working evenings/weekends, so I never really had much of a student life. Whilst this meant that I left uni relatively debt-free, I do feel like I missed out on the experience.

Q – What’s your favourite holiday trip and why?

A – Ooh this is a difficult one… I think it would have to be Las Vegas followed by a California road trip from San Diego to San Francisco (in a convertible Mustang). That was pretty amazing!

Though I have also flown First Class to Tokyo for a long weekend, which again was an incredible experience and a must-see destination, so that would be up there!

As would wine-tasting in Western Australia and Safariing in Kenya.

To be honest, I could go on with lots more, as I’ve been very fortunate in my travel experiences so far and I do love a good holiday!

Q – What three words would your friends use to describe you?

A – I asked 3 friends and my partner for advice on this one as I’m rubbish at answering these things… here are their responses:

Perfectionist, Sociable & (Always) Late
Loyal, Considerate & Fun
Genuine, Kind & Positive
Pain in’t bum

(I bet you can’t guess one which is my partner’s! 😊)

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