Intellica Announce 2020/21 Graduate Programme

Amy Currie and Matt Evetts, successful graduates from previous programmes.
Intellica, the independent provider of data management and business change services, is proud to announce the launch of its 2020/21 Graduate Programme.

The programme is designed to give recent university graduates with maths and IT-related degrees their first jobs in the pensions and digital industries, allowing them to gain a wide range of experience in all areas of Intellica’s work and learn from our experienced team of experts and innovators.

Through our structured programme, the graduates will gain experience across our business specialisms, including technology development, business management, sales and technical pensions administration, with the guidance and support of a dedicated mentor.

Intellica is based in Liverpool, but the programme is open to candidates from other parts of the UK through remote working practices,

The announcement comes after two members of our previous graduate programmes, Amy Currie and Matt Evetts, were added to Intellica’s permanent staff this week, taking up posts as a Marketing Executive and a Business Analyst respectively.

Currie said: ‘’Intellica has taken me on an incredible journey since leaving university. I have been involved in numerous exciting and challenging roles, all of which have given me huge responsibilities and helped me grow and learn so much.

“I am fortunate to be part of such an influential team of talented people and I am excited for the future.’’

And Evetts commented: “Graduating from university with a maths degree left me in the position of having a lot of career options but unsure of which path I wanted to go down.

“Intellica brought me into an environment full of like-minded, driven and experienced people I would have been unlikely to find elsewhere.

“They’ve provided exceptional support and guidance in development opportunities I didn’t expect to be offered so early in my career.”

Intellica’s Chief Executive Officer, Brendan Doherty, believes the programme benefits both Intellica and the graduates who will be selected.

He said: “Not only is Intellica based in a city with a strong tradition of higher education, but its recent expansion increases the opportunities we can offer.

“I am proud that we are in a position to guide people through their first steps of employment on what will hopefully be a long and satisfying career path with Intellica, and I am excited to see what these candidates achieve from this opportunity.”

The first new roles that will form part of the programme will be announced very shortly, so keep an eye on our social channels to follow those developments.

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